Going the physical distance...


  • January
  • 2021

Going the physical distance...

Ever noticed when you go shopping that most of us are just not spatially aware? I think it's because of our "jam and wine" culture that we, most of us don't understand the difference between near and far. And if it's a case of you telling another don't stand so close... Let's just say the request won't be taken to kindly.

Now on my errand days I try to get as much done as time will allow. Lines are longer, it's a longer wait generally and I am physically distanced from other customers - knowing soon enough it would be my turn to swipe my ATM card.

Then without warning really. A guy just stands right in front of me like no one's business with his mask strapped under his chin. An occurrence that happens far too often and is really concerning at this stage in the game. We've all seen the public service ads on TV, almost every supermarket now has a no mask no service policy and hand sanitizing is a requirement before you enter any store or place of business.

Yet somehow people are just not aware, not seeming to care for others and to a greater extent not even caring for themselves.

Don't cut in front another person waiting in line because there's a big space.

Amidst all the pandemic happenings it's important to remember that we are still very blessed. When you compare what's happening in other countries and so I think it's important to be grateful and beware. - It doesn't cost you anything to assume personal responsibility for all round you.

As citizens, Trinidad and Tobago is our home and we all must work together towards the bigger picture. Minimizing community spread by washing hands and physical distancing. It's just the responsible thing to do when you're out there adulting, wearing your mask "correctly". Playing your part in the the new normal.

I also like the fact that Point-log is also now giving double points on mask and hand sanitizer purchases.

Winston Espinet-
POINT-LOG - Member