The physical distance of things


  • January
  • 2021

Rainy day "Put-ah-way"

POINT-LOG is a good way to save for a rainy day. Your POINT-LOG account can serve as a Rainy Day Fund for Smaller Expenses. A rainy day fund is intended to pay for a one-time, smaller expenditure. For example, paying for school books or your light bill, or replacing a broken window, or other short-term, unexpected cost.

A rainy day fund helps you avoid going into debt by covering all those small inconveniences that always seem to pop up. While a $500 to visit the dentist may not seem like much, it can throw your entire budget out of whack or even put you into debt if you aren’t prepared.

Sisterly LoveI once had a member give a story about her sister who often laughed at her point-logging activites, "Girl, that's a waste ah time, what you doing that for? Ha, ha, ha". - As fate would have it, POINT-LOG funds would be used to take that same laughing mouth to the dentist. Now isn't sisterly love amazing.

Small inconveniences always seem to pop up out of nowhere.

We live in unpredectable times now where anything could happen. POINT-LOG is a great way to get cash back because it comes in handy when needed.

POINT-LOG gives you Cashback on those day to day expenses. Visit this link to register. It's free to join, sign up is quick and easy.

Amidst all the pandemic happenings it's important to remember we're still very blessed. When I reflect on what's happening in other countries, I think it's important to be grateful and aware. - It doesn't cost anything to assume personal responsibility for all round you.

Trinidad and Tobago is our home, lets work together towards the bigger picture. Minimizing community spread, physical distancing and washing hands is the responsible thing to do. So remember when you're out there adulting, wearing your mask "correctly". Play your part responsibly in the new normal.

James K -
POINT-LOG, customer care